Friday, April 8, 2011


Am rather pleasantly surprised by all the youngsters who've gathered across the country to support the Jan Lokpal Bill. I didn't quite think that the youth even knew what they really wanted. All my generation is up to is living their lives on "FB",planning holidays abroad, discussing how the new Iphone is better and when's the new playstation out......gosh! I was stressed I wasn't "normal". I myself have been very FB shy and twitter shy...but I realize its power and want to be a part of it now. Okay so I'm in no way saying that I'm better than the rest here...its just that we get too carried away doing our own stuff. I have a funny excitement and anxiety when I watch Anna Hazare on television and watch all the youngsters staging street plays and singing songs....I feel tears swelling up too...I must be at Azad Maidan on Sunday not for anyone else but for my self and I cannot wait! In the meanwhile I'm reading up on the Jan Lokpal Bill at 

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